Your Best Year Ever, Too


April 15, 2015

At work it's often known that your success or failure can be and often is tied to others. If they don't do their job, I can't do mine (or the other way around). I never applied that to my life though. I've always thought of myself as an independent unit. I pay my own bills. I live by myself. I work at a job I found all on my own. I'm pretty self-contained. But I do have a family and friends and a boyfriend. And their ...

Car Batteries and Monday

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April 13, 2015

After three years together, my car's original battery and I parted ways. While these things are expected when you own a car (new tires, new brake pads and rotors, possibly a new alternator, car batteries, etc.) they're somewhat foreign to me. I take my car in for regular service (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) and go on the blind faith that my car will last because of that. Sometimes things are just unexpected though and ...


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April 09, 2015

There are a few poems I've committed to memory ever since I started learning about/reading poetry in the third grade (at least that's the earliest I remember it). O Captain My Captain, Richard Corey, All But Blind, A Sunset Bloom (yes, from Stark Trek, although I read it online not knowing it's origin) and this one...A Thousand Winds by Mary Elizabeth Frye: Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not ...

I bought…a scale?


April 08, 2015

Growing up we had the same (I think, broken) scale almost my entire childhood. Eventually we bought a new one but I never really cared because...honestly...I've never been fascinated or obsessed with the actual amount I weighed. I've always held the belief that if you're healthy (you get moderate exercise and eat the right things and avoid the wrong things) that there is no magic number you need to be. There is no number to ...