Shifting Priorities


March 24, 2015

The other day ago in the car on our way to brunch I told V about how I've recently come to terms with my priorities shifting. If I wanted to, I could live anywhere in the world. I could move anywhere. Get a job anywhere. It would've been just the same as this past January but instead of moving to inner-city Cleveland and starting a new job on the east-side, I would've moved to Chicago (or England) and started (probably) a ...

How I Lazily Approach “Goal Setting”


March 23, 2015

There are a million articles out there online about how to make and set goals. I've probably read most of them because in the most honest way possible I wantttttt to be a "goal" oriented person. I want to use the SMART goals system and write a blog post at the end of the year on how successful the year was. I want to be one of those people who's SO SUCCESSFUL I hold workshops that people attend just to learn how amazing at ...

Spring and Monday


March 23, 2015

Spring officially started on Friday. Internet, MY FAVORITE SEASON IS HERE. I also picked V up from the airport Friday night after a week in Las Vegas (which meant a week of me trying to be calm like "yeah, that's cool, have fun" when I was really like "I can't wait until you come home to me please don't die while you're there omg"). To say I'm an anxious person in these kinds of situations is an understatement and ...

One More Thing

Best Year Ever

March 18, 2015

SOOOOOO I realized I've written so many posts on self improvement in 2015 that I've just tagged them all Best Year Ever. (I really AM convinced 2015 can/has potential to/will be my best year yet). Here's one more thing I'm adding to the list: Eliminating useless thoughts. I s pend a large portion of the day in thought. (Sometimes, like now, I spend time thinking about how I over-think). It's annoying at best and at ...