What’s In A Name?


February 27, 2015

Today on Brit + Co I saw an article, 30 Baby Names Inspired By Literature. And while I FEEL pregnant (with a food baby) I'm not planning on having (or naming) a child any time soon. I do, however, keep a list of names I love as inspiration for future pets, characters (I write short stories sometimes), etc. I'm not going to reveal all the names on my secret list, but I did want to talk about Phineas really quick. Many ...

Five Things // 26.02.15

6 things - words

February 26, 2015

NEOTIE2015 // This coming Saturday I'll be presenting The Science of Design (Sherlock pun!) at NEOTIE. I'm super pumped to hang out and chat tech. Plus I'm taking my camera! Life // There's a lot going on right now. Photoshoots, design commissions, an overflowing inbox, hanging out with friends, and normal life things (like taking care of my house and buying groceries) are REALLY clogging up my calendar lately. I'm ...

Lists of Lists of Lists – Wunderlist


February 25, 2015

Three years ago I was an event planner. And it was a crazy lifestyle in which if you weren't organized, very very bad things could happen (let's not even talk about that telehandler fiasco). One of my co-workers (turned BFF) casually used Wunderlist (by 6Wunderkinder) and got me into it. And dear God am I addicted now. I've tried a lot of team communication/productivity/to-do list apps through the years (Evernote, Asana, ...

Organizational Systems – For Life


February 19, 2015

A long time ago I posted about how I stay organized at work with Microsoft products (OneNote and Outlooks Mail/Calendar). Although I've switched jobs since then, I basically keep the same organization system going. Like 90% of companies these days use Windows and Microsoft products so...there you have it. How I stay organized in my PERSONAL life is a much different matter. I use a complex system of: Gmail / Google ...