A Bunch of Books


November 20, 2014

If I had to identify with any character right now it would be Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It's getting colder out (brrr) and all I want is a huge library like Belle with a roaring fireplace and endless amounts of books. (And also a staff on hand that would get me anything so I didn't have to go outside again until March). In my case, though, all I have is a burrito bed and a handful of magazines, books, and TV shows to ...

Me Time tag


November 13, 2014

Okay...yes..."tags" are technically a YouTube thing. (Although I remember way back before YouTube even existed, back in the MySpace days, where "quizzes" were HUGE. They're the original tag!) I saw this original one created by Essiebutton (watch below) and thought I'd participate because...let's be honest....I love me time! What do you watch or read during me-time? Embarssingly enough I LOVE to watch cooking ...

John Lewis Christmas Adverts


November 07, 2014

Super Bowl ads are great because they're funny (remember The Office Meeting from Fedex Kinkos?) but Christmas adverts are the best because they're...emotional. They play on your childhood memories and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (just fuzzy enough to buy something from the retailer, that is). I think the best Christmas adverts I've seen (full stop) are from John Lewis. If you're not familiar with John Lewis ...