Five Things // 27.01.14

Five Things

January 27, 2015

I......... 1. Netflix again. Internet...why did I get Netflix again? To watch Portlandia and House of Cards, mainly. But I've started up Gilmore Girls again too. Why....whyyyy? 2. ....have been working on little improvements to me lately...for example, I try to not turn the speakers in my car above volume 20 (I usually had them around 25...yikes). Having played loud musical instruments my whole life I'm worried ...

French Toast


January 26, 2015

All last week I'd been craving eggy bread (French toast) and finally made some Sunday morning. It took like three seconds to make and turned out amazing (and ...

Right Now


January 23, 2015

Although I hate to use the "juggling balls in the air" analogy, I feel like I am, internet. Yesterday, I literally had to make a "to do" item on my Wunderlist to remember to put trousers on after I finished baking my fruit bread. (There was no logical reason for why they had to go on after the fruit bread was done and not before...I just forgot). I'm not scatter brained when I have lists. But without them...I am. So I ...

It’s Been A While


January 19, 2015

It's been over a month since I last posted. Since then I've turned 25, Christmas and New Years came and went, I left my job, moved to Cleveland, started my new job, and celebrated a whole year together with V. Wow. Lots of things. But what's prompted me to post today isn't related to any of those things. You know how the downward spiral of the internet works, so I won't explain how I randomly started watching Sia ...