July 28, 2015

Last Monday I made egg rolls, Bun Gao, and pot stickers...from scratch. Whoa. It took hours. (And thankfully my boyfriend liked them). Later that week I had dinner with my former college roommate. This week? Work, freelance work, date night, Night Market in Asiantown, a wedding this weekend and everything in between. Life. Between August and October there's baby showers, graduation parties, Labor Day parties, ...

One Day At A Time

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July 09, 2015

Well, it's happening again, internet. I find myself so wildly panicked by the future that I can only focus on today. Next month V is moving and is trying to find a place for the two of us we both agree on (he has low standards and I have very high ones). I should be helping look, but I'm not. The month after that we're hopefully taking a beautifully long vacation to New England. And then the month after that has ...

Life, Lately

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June 22, 2015

Striving for perfection is hard, internet. Not even perfection! Just striving to be better is hard. It's exhausting. It wears you down. And for a while, I admit, I quit trying. For a while I felt (keyword) I had too many plates spinning in the air. And in order to keep them spinning, I had to look up, not forward. I had to monitor them all and that's all I could do. That's so false. Because I know there are people out ...

Beautiful Things


June 02, 2015

Today the 2015 Restoration Hardware catalogs made their way to my mailbox. Ah. Nothing makes me feel worse about my life than their annual catalogs (except perhaps the Tiffany Blue Book). Why? Because they're full of carefully curated photos of beautiful things. By themselves each object is a wonder but together they make the most picturesque scenes. Flipping through the Small Spaces catalog made me realize I ...